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Devolved TTT

Created by Jackool following Robby's Timeline Robby Days 2012 - 2013
Devolved Universe 2012 - 2016 Rebuilt as the   Jackool Universe

Custom fully featured valve-esque economy for TTT including trading, market, crates, keys, crafting, questing, scratch cards, quests, gangs, and so much more!

The best part about it is you can obtain everything for FREE via crafting or the community market!
We try to keep custom weapons / items in balance with the default ones, so that gameplay isn't ruined
With over 25,000+ items across 15,000+ player inventories - there was something here for everyone

Devolved TTT F4 Menu

What Made Devolved TTT Special? Scroll Down!

Our TTT grew for 4 years - you won't see our content anywhere else
Jackool (the owner) is a programmer and creates huge & expansive updates
Below is just a small chunk of the custom content you'd find on Devolved

Inventory and Items

Inventory & Items

Our user friendly drag-and-drop based inventory system. Obtain many items like cades, cade materials, weapons, weapon skins, taunts, jihad sounds, trophies, crates, usable items, and more. View player inventories in-game and on our website. Hoard items, trade with other players, and organize your own collection of items. For some items, you can right click > Redeem them. This basically just equips it so that you can use it in loadouts, and you can un-redeem it at any time.

Press F4 to access your inventory.

Crafting Metal Example


An easy to use drag and drop crafting system with many default recipes. Obtain additional tradable crafting recipes so you can make even more. You can combine most items together to create metal, and by combining metal together you can make keys that open crates.

The crafting tab is inside the F4 menu.

Gaining XP

DevBucks, XP, & Levels

Every server needs some type of in-game currency that you can hoard - and our currency is known as DevBucks. You can gain DevBucks via XP - which you get from just participating in the TTT round. Get traitor kills, headshots, melee kills, jihads, healing others, and many other actions will give you a piece of that sweet, sweet XP. At the end of the round, you'll see a meter showing your XP and DevBuck gain. 38% of the XP you gained will be given to you in DevBucks. Some weapons, cades, skins, and other items require specific levels in order to use them. Our server's loading screen shows the highest levels and most rich players.

Press F1 to view your DevBucks, level, and XP.

Using scratch cards and winning

Scratch Cards

Another way to obtain items in our server - scratch cards. Scratch cards can be purchased in the F1 menu for 100 DevBucks. These scratch cards have a chance at giving you DevBucks, an awesome new item, more scratch cards, or the best out of all... nothing! Sometimes there are limited scratch card items, where only a certain amount of that item can be found - then never again.

Buy scratch cards from the F1 > Lottery tab

Market In-Game and Website

Market & Economy

The market is an essential part of any economy system. You can buy or sell items for DevBucks, Keys, or Wallet Cash. Usable both in-game and on our website - there is no need to be on the server to buy items. Sell your items without being online - and collect your profit when you come back. Search for specific items and organize the list by low or high price.

View the in-game market from the F4 > Market tab
View the web market at

Player Trading Example


An easy-to-use drag and drop trading system that allows players to trade any of their items with almost no restrictions. Chat with the player you are trading with and see the trade change in real time. We made our trading system look very similar to Steam so that it's familiar while performing trades.

To trade with someone simply open the scoreboard, right click their name, and then choose the "Send Trade" option.

TTT Cading (Prop Spawning)


Our TTT has a very special feature called cading, which are basically props. In the F1 menu you can spawn what are called cades. These cades have health and can be destroyed by other players, but you can use them as obstacles or even create a house with them! We have a modified magneto stick that lets you hold E to rotate props. You can then buy hammer/nails in the F1 DevBuck store and attach them to a floor, wall, or ceiling so they can't be moved. Some cades are interactable, like the drivable jeep or playable piano. Cade protection and cade friends list is also available in F1 > Settings.

As said, cades can be found in F1 > Store > Cading.

Viewing Quests Menu


Probably the only TTT with a questing system in existence. A mini-storyline included with every quest; the story of Devolved will be discovered. The starting quests act as a small tutorial. Gain items, crates, XP, DevBucks, and other rewards for finishing quests. Unlock more quests as you complete them. Sometimes we have event or seasonal quests which can only be completed for a limited time.

View available quests in the F4 > Quests tab.

TTT Gangs System


So much depth that our server needed an end-game. Players can create a gang for a very hefty price of DevBucks, items, and Activity Tokens. Activity Tokens are gained just by playing on a daily basis. Players can invite you to join their gang for free. You can give permissions, ranks, and more to members of your gang. As a gang member you can receive additional stats like Homie T Kills. Your gang name is shown above your head; and you can change the color, name, or font of your gang at any time. Take gang members on raids - which are completely different gamemodes from TTT that you play on a different server.

Check it out inside of the F4 > Gangs tab.

TTT Weed Growing

Spec RP & Growing

Weed growing in a TTT server. At this point you're probably thinking to yourself "Is this even TTT anymore?". Well, it doesn't have to be. Our server has a Spectate Roleplay mode seperate from TTT on the same server which makes living players invisible. In this spectator world, you can cool off from the TTT gameplay, grow some weed, hit eachother with rocks, and more.

View the F1 > Spec RP tab to join it while you're a spectator.
Turn on spectator only in F1 > Settings to stay in it.

DevBuck Store Tabs

DevBuck Store

Wondering where to spend your DevBucks? The F1 menu store tab is one of the places you can do that! You can buy per-round weapons, more expensive permanent weapons, spawnable cades (explained earlier), and permanent cade materials that allow you to skin/texture your cades.

Already stated, but you can find this in F1 > Store.

Loadout Usage Example


Purchase weapons from the DevBuck store or community market then right click > redeem them in the F4 inventory so that they show up in your loadout. Choose exactly which weapons you want to spawn with each round. Apply skins to all of your equipped weapons. View or change your jihad sounds, cade materials, and taunts.

View and setup your loadout in the F4 > Loadout tab.

Trophy Items for Stats


Yet another nice and simple feature - you will receive a trophy when you gain stats a certain amount of times. For example, every 30 T Kills you'll receive a gold Traitor Kills trophy. Trophies can be spawned in-game, and each one does something special. Trophies can also be used with our crafting system to make gold bars which are used to create other various items.

Check the progress of your trophies in the F1 > Tiers tab.

Crafting a Drunk Fun Round

Fun Rounds

Fun rounds are one of the most common items people craft using trophies. Fun rounds might not really need their own section here, but they are fun - so why not? When you craft 2 trophies together, you receive a gold bar. Combine that gold bar with trophies, and it'll give you a matching fun round. Example: Drunk Trophy + Gold Bar = Drunk Fun Round

As said before, the crafting tab is in the F4 menu.

F1 Lottery System


Another one of those simple features - our lottery includes three main ways of gambling. First is scratch cards, which was explained in an above section. Next is gambling DevBucks, where you bet on which team will win (traitors/innocents). And lastly, a map-wide pot. The map wide pot is for players to put DevBucks into, and at the end of the map the server will choose a random winner that gets the DevBucks.

Check the lottery out in the F1 > Lottery tab.

Viewing Statistics Pages

Detailed Statistics

View in-depth statistics including specific counts of each item, who owns which items, lists of crates, commonly sold items, market information, item sales graphs, mapvotes, and much more. Compete with other community members on the leaderboards. We track statistics for things you do in-game (like killing traitors or getting headshots) which you can view on both our website and in-game.

The stats can be found at

Finding and Viewing a Player Page

Player Pages

View other player's inventories and redeemed items which makes trading easier. Brag how much better you are with in-game statistics. Playtime graphs show how dedicated you are to our community - and help with staff applications. Find items players are selling or have sold on the market. Useful links for each player like Steam profiles, forum profiles, or looking up their bans.

Right click someone on the scoreboard and choose "View Player Page"

Search and click on a player from the stats page to view their player page

Devolved Admin Menu Example


Our custom-made admin mod is called Devolved Admin; it's quite simple and easy to use. The admin mod includes a full plugin system, a rank system, chat commands, website banlist viewing (with the ability to ban players too), and a nice easy to use admin menu. Players must apply for staff on the website with our custom applications system. Fun fact: The DevAdmin GUI was inspired by an old admin mod for GMod called ASSMod.

Staff members can bind a key to +dev_admin or type !menu in the chat to open the GUI in-game.

Devolved TTT - Owned and Developed by Jackool