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July 31, 2015, 09:09:32 PM
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This is the monthly community staff report for the month of July, please leave feedback here while using the template/form so we can use the feedback to improve upon ourselves and how we staff. Try to keep it constructive and not drama-inducing. Thanks!

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[u][size=24pt][color=red][b]Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff[/b][/color][/size][/u]







[b]Haji (keiki)[/b]-


[b]Captain Canada[/b]-



[b]Bill Nye[/b]-

[b]Slay (Xilytol)[/b]-

[b]Hatsune Miku[/b]-

[b]Emily[/b] -


[b]Desert[/b] -

[b]Eli[/b] -
Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff


Jackool- Best Owner of any community I have ever been  in, I never find the server boring, even the core TTT gameplay. I love the RP elements of it and can't wait for DevRP.


Thatone_mlg_noob- Very productive and stealthy about it, which isn't a bad thing, very helpful and diffuses situations swiftly.


TrueSaintDoc- Only 1,380 minutes....kinda flatlined, you are good at staffing and handling situations, but I wish you would play more, Nonetheless you are active on the forums and extend a lot of the bans that need it.

Haji (keiki)- Same as Doctor, I wish you would play more, although you are in a better situation than Doctor.

Zero- 392 Minutes; Also exemplary at your job but I wish you would play a ton more.

Captain Canada-  Good playtime and very good at his job and keeping other staff in check.

mint- Keeping things cool and knows how to do his job, although gets a bit moody at times I think he is good at staffing and has alot of experience.


Bill Nye-  880 minutes; When I've seen him on he is good at his job, but like a few others, needs to play more.

Slay (Xilytol)-  539 minutes; Was ok at his job, but I haven't seen him do his job due to low playtime recently, so I can't say much.

Hatsune Miku-  Excellent playtime; knows how to do the job right and have fun and keeps others having fun also. 10/10

Emily - Does well at her job, good and consistent playtime.

DogeSurfing- gg m8 would r8 8/8 m8  dun be l8. In all seriousness, he is good at his job and handling situations, especially ones that involve retarded trolls.

Desert - I feel I let myself go too much and become a little loud and reckless at times, otherwise I am comfortable with where I am.

Eli - Fucking Juan deags me too much  PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt ; Excellent moderator, please keep it up, knows how to keep everything fun as always while kicking rule-breakers in the ass.
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July 31, 2015, 09:58:01 PM
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Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff


Jackool- Great owner, can't wait for DevRP


Thatone_mlg_noob- Great manager, fun to play with


TrueSaintDoc- Haven't seen much activity, good staff

Haji (keiki)- For the most part pretty active, great admin

Zero- Haven't seen anything from you

Captain Canada- Good staff, very active

mint- Great admin, should apply for manager again


Bill Nye- Haven't seen anything from you

Slay (Xilytol)- Haven't seen any activity, good staff when he plays

Hatsune Miku- Pretty active, goofs of sometimes, decent staff

Emily - Still learning certain things, fun to play with and is good mod

DogeSurfing- u wot m8? good staff

Desert - One of my best friends, great player and staff

Eli - Outdeags me ;(, amazing mod
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July 31, 2015, 11:17:21 PM
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Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff


Jackool- Glad he's now working on something he enjoys as opposed to slaving away working on updates for us. I'm excited for the RP / RPG that's he is coding, and I'm sure others are too. With all the changes that he has in store for this community I think Devolved is about to improve drastically.


Thatone_mlg_noob- Good manager. Has stuck around as manager for over half a year and has helped quite a lot. I would nitpick, but I don't think it's within my right after choosing to resign from my manager position so early. He's honestly doing a better job than most people give him credit for.


TrueSaintDoc- Oldest of the Devolved staff along with Haji. Very experienced in what he does, but also the most chill staff. Playtime might be the biggest concern for others, but coming on to staff during the summer isn't an expectation. Aside from that he's also always on the forum and will get on if needed.

Haji (keiki)- Has been staff for a very long while, and actually one of my favorite staff. Anything stated about Doctor also applies to Haji. While being one of the oldest staff, he's also one of the most playful ones. Not too strict on rules, and is the most friendly to current and new players on the server.

Zero- Previously held manager on Devolved when I first joined, and he did a great job at it. Biggest concern right now is playtime, but I think he's just burned out because of how long he's been on here for. He's the 28th player to sign on Devolved and has been playing TTT alone since 2012. Other than that, he's a really cool guy and has good judgement in terms of staffing.

Captain Canada- Good staff member. Needs to work on decision making and also pay more attention a bit more. Other than that, no complaints.

mint- I'll leave this for others to decide.


Bill Nye- Currently getting wrecked by having a full-time job. He has great judgement and doesn't mind getting on to staff if asked. If your biggest issue is his low playtime then you shouldn't bother commenting about it as a lot of the time Bill has free time the server is empty. No complaints.

Slay (Xilytol)- Similar situation to Bill, except to add on to that he's also in Europe. Again, another situation that he really can't control, but he does try to get on whenever he has time. Also a very competent and helpful staff.

Hatsune Miku- Great staff member. Knows a lot of the rules and has exceptional judgement as staff. No complaints.

Emily - Great staff. Very competent, mature, and also helps with relaying information. Great addition to the team. No complaints.

DogeSurfing- Good staff member. Needs to work on decision making and how soon he handles a situation. At times he waits too long before handing out punishment, which can be a bad thing. Other than that, no complaints.

Desert - Alright staff member. I disagree with how he handles some things as he is usually more harsh and strict than I would like staff to be. Should also work on learning how to accept criticism. Otherwise, no real complaints.

Eli - Currently the best staff we have at the moment no doubt. I can only see him getting better as we go, and I have no real complaints about the way he staffs. Great addition to the team, both the most active and has one of the best understandings of how to handle situations.
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August 01, 2015, 12:19:46 AM
✪ Eli
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Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff


Jackool- Amazing guy, always shoots me in H1Z1:c. Jackool in the past month dealt with a common problem of trucing, and always responded to me and resolved issues when the server was crashing / down. I'm really looking forward for what you have planned in the future.


Thatone_mlg_noob- 762 min - Good manager, always willing to answer my questions. Manages the server behind the scene


TrueSaintDoc- 1380 min - Good staffing, more playtime please.

Haji (keiki)- 2409 min - Excellent staffing. Haji's always has fun on the server and also staffs like a boss. Thanks for teaching me some methods to help me staff. TEACH ME HOW TO DO SOME STREAMS ON OSU.

Zero-  392 min - Great job at staffing. However, the playtime ...

Captain Canada- 4925 min - Great staff member and humble person. Literally, Canada has been giving low levels free stuff to  continue playing on devolve. Thanks for being such an amazing person.

mint- 6754 min - My salty mint. Taught me how to do staff work since day 1. Amazing person to work with. Every time I encounter an issue throughout the day he provides multiple solutions to solve the issue. His dedication and commitment to the server is one of the reasons why I am still here today.  I hope he continues providing insight throughout the server. I don't really see him moody.   


Bill Nye- 880 min - Great staff, I know you're busy with IRL but you've always been a great mod to me.

Slay (Xilytol)- 510 min - Great staff. (Same situation with Bill Nye)

Hatsune Miku- 5113 min - Ew, jk, Great staff, great playtime. Stop acting like Agent, you make me cry. 

Emily - 3811 min - Nice and a humble person throughout the server. She provides information, which helps out a lot.

Desert - 4817 min- Alright staffing. However, you can be a bit harsh and strict in punishments and decisions. I also would like you to keep a formal and professional tone throughout your posting in the forums and in the server (NO RANTS).

DogeSurfing- 5999 min -  Same boat with Desert. I hope you become a bit more lenient in the future.

✪ Eli- 12634 min (ugh, Hello, get a life.) - Eli, one deags himself. I'll leave this for everyone to decide. I'm planning to get better in dealing with  bizarre scenarios, and hopefully be able to be as knowledgeable as some of the great staff we have today.

Overall Staff- I hope we can have at least three staff members on throughout the day. Everyone's been doing a great job in my eyes.
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August 01, 2015, 08:57:03 AM
May 2015
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Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff


Jackool- Working on other stuff.


Thatone_mlg_noob- Always a nice guy to talk to when he's on and does his job great.


TrueSaintDoc- Hasn't been on much recently but of course he's always been a nice addition to the team.

Haji (keiki)- Whenever he is on he does a great job and takes care of things. Nice guy overall.

Zero- I wish he was more active. When he is on, he's fun to play with. In general a very nice and lovely person.

Captain Canada- As mint said, decision making. Sometimes he won't look into the situation fully. He's still not a bad guy.

mint- My lovely. Always a great addition to the staff team and has always motivated me to do better. Glad he's back and glad I always have someone to talk to when it comes to him.


Bill Nye- Also wish he was on, but he does has his reasons. It makes me upset to see people complain about him not being on because he isn't doing it for no reason. Whenever he's on, he does his job.

Slay (Xilytol)- Same as Bill Nye. I haven't heard much about you but I'm sure you have your reasons.

Hatsune Miku- Always been a good mod to me and does what he needs to do. Overall a fun person to be around.

Emily - My playtime has been shitty because I've been feeling pretty terrible emotionally and all I ever do is talk to John but I do want to dedicate more time to this server.

DogeSurfing- My other lovely. Fun to be around and does his job. I trust him and he is always around to help me with my questions and situations. Even though he bullies me. :(

Desert - Never any complaints and has always been supportive. He does his job.

Eli - My final lovely, I promise. I was so happy when he decided to become a mod and I'm still happy about it. He's a great mod and overall a great person. Always a fun time to be around him and I'll always support him.
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August 01, 2015, 10:29:56 AM
February 2015
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Trouble in Terrorist Town Staff


Jackool- Great coder working on RP. Please make me stock market of the RP server or make me Bruce Wayne. Handsome, rich, and criminal ass-kicker.


Thatone_mlg_noob- Couldn't abuse more. jk, please don't demote him. JackFace
Great Manager who does the job right with  PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt. Please don't demote me.


TrueSaintDoc- "Baby come back!"

Haji (keiki)- "Baby come back!" (I need a image for this)

Zero- "Baby come back!"

Captain Canada- Best abuser 2015-16. Good admin who works hard with us mods.

mint- Please Juan deag this fool. He deserves it more than anyone else. Great admin and truce buddy in RP. Chill and does his job right.


                             BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY!" (Can't believe I had to search the lyrics up) Could be active more but does his job. That's all I'm concerned of.
Slay (Xilytol)- Same as Bill but everyone has their reasons. (By the way, searched your name, for some odd reason of curiosity, and you're the name of a product and some people! yay...)

Hatsune Miku- Best fuckboi mod 2015-16. Would ban Doge again for rdm and evade.

Emily - Bae works hard and does the job right but not better than my waifus.

DogeSurfing- Great mod who does the job right. Please don't murder me for accidentally banning you for "rdm and evade"

Desert - Can't Juan deag to save his life or anyone for that matter of fact. Great mod who works with us during day and night.

Eli - We are illegally trucing. Please ban and demote the fuckbois. Good mod who does the job right by waiting for 3 months. jk, great mod who works well with me.
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