Author Topic: [TTT] Version 3.6 - User Friendly Update  (Read 2274 times)

December 12, 2014, 08:15:31 PM
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This update makes our server quite a bit more user friendly. It also introduces the quests system, adds the ability to use the website market,
refreshes the main menu, adds a trophies tab, adds new icons to various menus, improves some of our current features, and squashes a bunch of bugs!

  • New cading crates and common crates! These common crates have some interesting items that are the most rare items to ever receive from a crate (aka don't even try).
  • The quests system has finally been released Learn the story of Devolved (and how to play). Journey through side quests too. More quests soon!
  • The web market is now usable Visit the new "Web Market" tab in the in-game Market section to get started.
  • The main menu has been redone There are now tabs located at the top, and the menu is created using HTML (no downloading the images)
  • 4 New limited crate drops!
  • A full-on Devolved tutorial page has been added to the server
  • Moved the loadout to the F4 menu. It also now uses the themes system.
  • Added a trophy progress tab to the F1 menu
  • You can now right click on cades and add them to a new "Cading Favorites" tab. Put your most used cades into their own tab!
  • The cactus has, as promised, been improved - it grows DevBucks.
  • You can now only spawn 1 Macbook in the map. Because of this, it only cost 40 DevBucks to spawn
  • The P90 has received a small nerf
  • Platinum members can now set a custom URL like in their control panel
  • Platinum can now view how much time before their membership expires in their control panel
  • Platinum members now have an icon on their voice chat
  • Platinum members now receive 20% off cades instead of 10%!
  • DevBucks for posting on the forum have been raised to 10 per post from 5
  • Added a force unlisting feature to the market for managers (with reason supplied)
  • Reduced max market price listings: 25K DevBucks, 25 Keys, $60 Wallet Cash
  • You can now scroll through your inventory while drag and dropping items
  • You can now right click items in the crafting menu to add them to the crafting/inventory box
  • Round weapons are now much cheaper
  • Applying weapon skins to any melee should work properly now (hands may still be textured though)
  • HTTPS setting now saves correctly when you turn it on or off
  • When the market fails to load, it will have the option of turning HTTPS on or off right there
  • Fixed receiving After Death Kills when jihading
  • Fixed receiving Assist XP randomly after a deathmatch round
  • Fixed firework not exploding when it hit the sky - fixed loud sound spam from it
  • Fixed platinum emblems having a close button with transparent backgrounds
  • Adjusted Deathmatch Round: Slowed down respawn timer. Automatic ammo on spawn for Platinum members.
  • Attempted fix at floating spectator viewmodels
  • Formatted wallet cash in the market from ".2" to ".20" (etc)
  • Disallowed crafting during a map vote (just in case) Same with trading
  • Updates to DevBucks & Wallet Cash saving system
  • Added 1m, 1w, 1d, 1min, and etc terms to !ban
  • Other various bug fixes and small polishes. Not to mention some of the cool items inside the new common crates.
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December 12, 2014, 10:05:38 PM
(Santa) Epicbrorox1
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December 2014
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 :fap:Update is the b3st :DDDDDDDDDDDD:fap:
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December 19, 2014, 10:43:48 PM
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Reduced max market price listings: 25K DevBucks, 25 Keys, $60 Wallet Cash


I haven't been around for a while, but why the cap?
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December 19, 2014, 10:50:18 PM
July 2012
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Reduced max market price listings: 25K DevBucks, 25 Keys, $60 Wallet Cash


I haven't been around for a while, but why the cap?
1) Any prices above that should really be done in a trade window
2) Auctions system is coming soon and the max bid will be unlimited
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December 24, 2014, 10:24:24 PM
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September 2014
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Really appreciate the update jack, im just a bit sad about no Christmas Crate
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