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December 24, 2015, 06:22:08 PM
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I've always thought rare crates were a bit too easy to open after acquiring them.
So I've added my solution to that - it's called Robbinium.
Robbinium will be not only used for rare crate keys, but also other crafting recipes/end game features.

About Robbinium

Robbinium Ore is a resource that you can mine using a miner (miners explained below).
Robbinium Ore can be "smelted" into Robbinium Metal by combining an Activity Token with the Robbinium Ore.
Two Robbinium Metal result in a Robbinium Stack. Three Robbinium Stacks + One Metal Key will result in a Robby Key.

This update also allows you to split already-stacked Refined Metal via crafting, so that should make it a bit easier.

About Miners

Miners are created by combining 3 regular Refined Metals together.
This will give you a usable miner item. When you use it, it'll spawn a miner in front of you. This miner will spawn Robbinium Ore every so often.

Some notes about the miner:
  • Miners will stay for the entire map, and save inbetween rounds
  • Miners are not solid with players, nor is the ore they create
  • You can also pick up the Robbinium Ore while dead / spectating (just fly up and press E on it)
  • No one else can pick up your Robbinium Ore
  • No one can destroy or interact with your miner
  • No one can pick up, destroy, or magneto your spawned ores
  • The mining sound will get higher in pitch/speed the closer it is to spawning an ore

That's about it when it comes to miners. Now for the rest of the patch log.

  • CSGO Crate #2 has been added to the drop list
  • Added Miner, Robbinium Ore, Robbinium Metal, and Robby Keys
  • Robby Keys will now be required to open further rare crates
  • Re-added ttt_christmasrobby and the christmas presents as well.
  • Added the Bug Report Token, which will have a use in the future. I will give this out for good, useful bug reports.
  • Crates can now have multiple "least rare" items, and will pick one out of all of them. This is used between 2 jihads in the CSGO crate, and can help balance least common crate items
  • Minimum players for rare crates reduced, as well as time inbetween
  • Moved weapon inspection first person up a bit
  • You will now see other people inspect their weapons when spectating in first person
  • Fixed various inventory bugs after the overhaul (still more to go)
  • Fixed confetti icon
  • The M16 now uses rifle ammo instead of pistol
  • Melon friend will now remove itself after a minute

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