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Devolved TTT Trailer

I've created a small trailer showing off some of the features of our server.
Hopefully this opens up our server to even more people, and I'll probably ask players if they'd like to watch the trailer when they join for the first time.
Expect quite a big update relatively soon. Tons of new content (items, crates, some new features, some polished models, and optimizations)

On a side note, if you are good at video editing/sony vegas and think you could make really awesome trailer videos for future updates and gamemodes, contact me.

Devolved is Expanding!

Thanks everyone!
Recently I've decided I want to move forward with Devolved in a lot of ways. Thanks to you guys.
You guys have been donating a lot recently - and now I can start experimenting with things that cost money to better the community.
You're only going to see Devolved get better from now on; and fast. I plan on spending tons of time coding in the coming weeks.

TTT East Coast Server
We now have a US east coast VDS located in New York. There are now two TTT servers.
Many communities already do this, so that people who only play low-ping servers can play just fine.

This is an experiment for now. Not 100% sure if we will be keeping it - but hopefully things go smooth as butter.

The IP is "ttt2.devolved.us"

General questions answered:

Will my inventory, stats, rank, etc. be the same on this server?
Yes. Your donation rank/items will sync on every single Devolved server. Your inventory, stats, etc will be cross-server with any TTT we host.
Same with the market.

How do rare crate drops work?
Pretty much the same. They have a random time limit applied, and both servers read off the same time.
It'll be random which server drops the rare crate. Remember that you need 16 players for a rare crate to even drop though.
An update will be applied to both servers that syncs information from the database before doing things.

I'm banned on TTT. Am I banned here?
Yes, our bans system is server-wide.

I'm TTT admin or mod. Am I admin or mod here?
Yes, when applying for TTT admin it applies to all of our TTT servers.
So does manager.

What if it's Saturday in east coast but not west, will we have double XP?
No. The time on this server works off pacific time as well.

Can we have an EU server? A central server?
If this works out, then yes.

SSL Certificate
I've switched our domain registrar and have purchased an SSL certificate. It's not applied yet, but it will be soon.
What does this mean? Well, basically when you visit a website like https://google.com/ it makes the connection secure and encrypts any information (the https at the beginning)
This makes donating, logging in through Steam's website, and a load of other things a ton more secure. You can read more here.

Website Updates
Next, I've been evolving the website in many ways. Most user links now direct to their player pages, which show various information about players.
The player pages are going to change a ton over time - the next two features will be custom urls and hiding your inventory.
I've completely recoded the item stats and added a crate drop stats tab.
The shoutbox is being recoded, there are now various website API's, the market system was added, etc.

Roleplay Development
The Roleplay has started development. I have so many plans for this gamemode it will blow your mind.
Expect Roleplay Dev Blogs relatively soon, and maybe even a beta server sooner than you think :)
This is a complete recode from the old "DevolvedRP" - and it's going to be a new generation in roleplay servers.

The Webhost Merge!

I've finally purchase the "Pro" website plan - the best NFOServer has to offer. This means no more 503 errors!
The beta website is now our official website! You can also now donate for a banner for the top of the page (click here).

The forums are now separated from the main homepage. Meaning the forum is now located at http://devolved.us/forum/ - it's much cleaner this way.
This hosting upgrade also give us an SSL license. That means we'll be able to use https:// !

A lot of pages will be missing. Please post what pages/images are missing and I will bring them back to life.
The website will undergoe many changes, updates, recodes, and additions.

Following this update (relatively soon) will be the big TTT update, fixing any bugs that come with it, then I'll be working on our DarkRP server for a long while.
Once the DarkRP is ready for an open beta, I'll be purchasing the best dedicated server NFOServers has to offer as well.

Complain about the new website/bugs in here!
Ignore the forum donation page being broken for now. Going to recode this tomorrow into the front page.
Post any bugs or things that need to be added. You can also ask about plans for the website.

This should be the end of those 503 errors!