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Rules, Bans, Management, and Map changes.

Sorry it took so long to get all of this sorted out, and for this post to be made.
Making the anticheat, along with some issues it was causing, combined with changing DevolvedAdmin and changing around the mapvote took a bit of time.

So first, a little backstory on what's going on and why. This is more of a backstory behind everything; the big bold parts below this are the more important bits.

When I originally created Devolved over 2 years ago, I wanted to make a server that people would enjoy playing.
I wanted people to enjoy the stuff I made myself, and watch how it grew. This is exactly what happened, people gave positive feedback
and enjoyed what I was creating. I wanted to have a completely custom server, with close to no code from the workshop, garrysmod.org, or whatever.
Now that isn't as much the case, since we need some fillers for our items system, but it still applies in various ways.

The server actually didn't exactly start as Devolved. The first manager we ever had was Mythik, and he actually brought all
his players to Devolved. Then a lot of nice people started playing. It was really awesome! Over time Myhik was shown to be a bit immature and was demoted,
but then I met John. John sort of knew Lua, and back then I was really into helping people out with learning how to code in Garry's Mod.

The community started to shape up the game itself. People posted suggestions all over the place, and it evolved from using stuff like ULX
to using a complete custom administration system, tiers, cading, and a ton of other unique ideas for Devolved's time.

I mean really, the community for sure makes a huge impact on the game, and there's a lot in the Devolved history books.
For awhile I went away, and John started working on stuff by himself. After awhile, I started working on "the new Devolved".

John made this manifesto thread and shortly after left Devolved for the most part,
Rumble/Boulder also made one of these manifesto threads, then we had this
"giant open beta" for "the new Devolved" and there is an entire archived forum from that located here.
I want you to look through these compare them to how Devolved is now. Almost none of these apply anymore. We changed it all, together.

So why did I just tell you all that?
Because I have always disliked the idea of permanent bans. Terminating people forever from the server I've worked hard on for so long is not cool.
I want to grow a community here. Not banish 50% of GMod players because of all the permanent bans that add up over the years.
Also, people can change a lot, I've seen it - and it's happened to myself as well while this community grew to what it is today.
4 to 6 months is a lot of time for someone to mature, especially between the ages of 14 to 18 (which is a lot of gamers it seems; not saying everyone!)

So now to the content part, and what's changing. This is sorted into sections so it's easier to read than my life story above.


The rules have completely change - please take the time to read through this page: http://devolved.us/tttrules

The URL's in game and in the sticky have changed to this new URL. It's also accessible under the "Extras" tab on the homepage.
You can go ahead and post your opinions about the new rules here in this thread.

DevolvedAdmin now logs all kicks, bans, and slays - staff members can right click and choose "View History" to see the list.
Please note this will only apply to actions taken after this update.


Because of the new ruleset, all bans longer than 4 months (including permas) have been reduced to 4 month bans.

This means everyone who was banned more than 4 months ago, can now play the server again.

If these players break the rules, ban them according to the new times. They aren't getting permabanned again. No one is. Everyone gets a chance at redeeming themselves, as many times as they want.
I know this might make some people angry, but really - take a chill pill. Just enjoy the game, if someone comes back month(s) later and breaks the rules again,
re-ban them - it's really not that hard. You won't see them for another x amount of time (months) anyway.
Because there are no longer permanent bans, you are NOT allowed to use alternate accounts to evade your ban.

Also, I've decided that the community now comes first in light of the recent hacking ban (manager wouldn't budge on the unban). Because of this,
You are now allowed to make community ban reports and unban appeal polls.

If your reasoning for the community ban/unban is ridiculous, trollish, or anything of the sort - your thread will be locked, and you may possible be forum banned.
You must have a real, legit reason.


I've decided to do something I haven't done for almost 2 years: manage the server myself.
You're going to see me on a lot more in the next few weeks, and after awhile of getting used to the regulars and players on our server,
we'll have people post manager applications and I'll figure out who I believe is most fit to manage the community.

I really miss doing this. It's been a very long time, and I think it could be good for everyone to know who I am.
Sometimes I join the server and people question me being the owner, I'm surprised that there are people that don't even know the owner's name.
And that makes me kind of sad.

All staff applications from this point on will be handled by me for now.

RedRocketRover has returned back to his administrator position, but he (and others!) can feel free to apply for manager in some weeks.

Map Changes

The maps on our server have now been cleaned up. From various suggestions, some maps have been removed, some have been added, and some have adjusted spawns/etc.
Also, every couple of map changes the mapvote system will now force the least played maps to be in the list.
There is still some cleaning up to do here on the maps, but I will do that with you guys in-game :)

Devolved TTT Trailer

I've created a small trailer showing off some of the features of our server.
Hopefully this opens up our server to even more people, and I'll probably ask players if they'd like to watch the trailer when they join for the first time.
Expect quite a big update relatively soon. Tons of new content (items, crates, some new features, some polished models, and optimizations)

On a side note, if you are good at video editing/sony vegas and think you could make really awesome trailer videos for future updates and gamemodes, contact me.

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