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The Webhost Merge!

I've finally purchase the "Pro" website plan - the best NFOServer has to offer. This means no more 503 errors!
The beta website is now our official website! You can also now donate for a banner for the top of the page (click here).

The forums are now separated from the main homepage. Meaning the forum is now located at http://devolved.us/forum/ - it's much cleaner this way.
This hosting upgrade also give us an SSL license. That means we'll be able to use https:// !

A lot of pages will be missing. Please post what pages/images are missing and I will bring them back to life.
The website will undergoe many changes, updates, recodes, and additions.

Following this update (relatively soon) will be the big TTT update, fixing any bugs that come with it, then I'll be working on our DarkRP server for a long while.
Once the DarkRP is ready for an open beta, I'll be purchasing the best dedicated server NFOServers has to offer as well.

Complain about the new website/bugs in here!
Ignore the forum donation page being broken for now. Going to recode this tomorrow into the front page.
Post any bugs or things that need to be added. You can also ask about plans for the website.

This should be the end of those 503 errors!

The Big December Update!


 This gamemode will be getting a complete recode over the next week because it's unmanagable and very buggy (it's 8+ months old).
password: beta123