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TTT Rules - Devolved Gaming

TTT Rules

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Server Rules

1. No ghosting (ghosting is explained in more detail in another section)
2. No harassing/trolling/being disrespectful to other players
3. No claiming rooms until overtime (be specific when it is overtime)
4. No un-readable nicknames
5. Sprays are up to staff discretion
6. Abusing trophies are up to staff discretion
7. No chat/microphone spamming
8. No hurting/killing players by taking over props in spectator mode
9. Prop surfing/abusing props IS allowed, but you must be fully shootable and there can't be invisible textures
10. Intentionally letting innocents into the T room is not allowed (causes RDM)
11. Evading bans with alternate accounts is not allowed (there are no permabans here)
12. Scamming is under no circumstances allowed.
Overpricing and underpricing items is NOT scamming.
Feel safe trading on Devolved. Any trades done under the Devolved system can be reversed if you were truly scammed.

Innocent and Detective Rules

13. No RDM (Random Death Match)
14. No false KOS
15. You can't kill AFK players until overtime
16. You can't kill on suspicion until overtime.
  You must have reasonable suspicion to kill during overtime.
17. Detectives: You can only kill a player for refusing to be scanned during overtime.

Traitor Rules

18. No camping or delaying as traitor unless you are getting consecutive kills
19. No killing your fellow Traitors (also known as your "T Buddies")


What is RDM?

• Killing someone who hasn't performed some type of traitorous act
• Randomly damaging/killing other players for no reason
• Killing someone on suspicion before overtime
• Killing someone for following you
• Killing someone for looking at you funny
• Two people are fighting, and you open fire not knowing who is innocent/traitor
• Not letting someone identify a body near them (Allow 3-4 seconds to identify)
• Placing unbreakable props in locations where players will fall to their death

Traitorous Acts (reasons you can be killed)

• Causing damage to other players
• Shooting one-shot to the head weapons (deagle/scout/AWP/etc) at players
• Prop killing other players
• Attempting to prop kill people before you do damage (swinging props at players etc.)
• Throwing discombobulators on maps where it could cause death
• Throwing incendiary grenades at players
• Blowing up barrels near other players
• Planting C4 or using other traitor tools
• Ignoring unidentified bodies (running past them without intention to identify it)
• Attempting to push players of a ledge to their death
• Destroying/damaging traitor testers/health stations
• Having traitor weapons out without being proven
• Being really blatant about being a traitor over chat/voicechat
• Entering/leaving traitor only areas alone
• Calling out a person who turns out to be innocent (doesn't apply to calling out detectives)
Note: Killing an innocent who performed a traitorous act (defending yourself) is not traitorous/killable.
Note #2: Killing a traitor doesn't make you proven unless you were seen by another proven/detective/a large group of people.


Ghosting is when you tell other players about in-game events that they aren't aware of. This includes the use of Steam, Skype, Teamspeak, admin chat, etc.


• You are allowed to truce with ONE player per round (Except traitors with detectives)
(What this means: You can have ONE friend not kill you as a T. Except when detective.)
• You are not allowed to give other players any extra information about the round
(Examples: who the traitors are, who is dead/alive, no giving detective weapons to a T, etc. Basically ghosting.)
• Innocents cannot say that a Traitor is proven if they are truced with them
• If you are truced with a Traitor, and someone kills you for not killing them - that is not RDM
• Truces are not protected by rules. If someone violates your truce, they won't be punished


1st offense - Slay
2nd offense - Slay
3rd offense - 1 Day ban
4th offense - 3 Day ban
5th offense - 1 Week ban
6th+ offense - 2 Week to 4 Month ban (depends on severity of player)
RDMing multiple people in one round adds to the offense count

RDM & Evade (leaving)
1st offense - 3 Day ban
2nd offense - 1 Week ban
3rd offense - 2 Week ban
4th+ offense - 2 to 4 Month ban
RDMing multiple people in one round adds to the offense count

Ghosting, Hacking, Cheating
1st offense - 1 Month ban
2nd offense - 2 Month ban
3rd+ offense - 4 Month ban

Harassing/Disrespecting/Trolling Others
1st offense - Gag/mute/slay/kick or warning (circumstantial)
2nd offense - Kick/12 hour ban (circumstantial)
3rd offense - 1 Week ban
4th+ offense - 1 to 4 Month ban

1st offense - Gag/mute or warning
2nd offense - Kick
3rd offense - 1 Day ban
4th+ offense - 3 Day to 1 Week ban

1st offense - 4 month to permanent ban

Ban Evasion
Can lead to ban extension on your main account, and a longer ban on your alternate account

Things in the server rules section that aren't above
1st offense - Warning or possible Slay
2nd offense - Kick
3rd offense - 12 Hour ban
4th+ offense - 3 Day ban

Ban Times Reference
You can also use terms "1m", "1w", "1d", "1min"
12 Hours = 720 Minutes
24 Hours = 1440 Minutes
3 Days = 4320 Minutes
1 Week = 10,080 Minutes
2 Weeks = 20,160 Minutes
1 Month = 40,320 Minutes
4 Months = 161,280 Minutes