Devolved TTT Tutorial

Video Trailer

This trailer highlights some of the features of our TTT servers.

Inventory and Loadout (F4 Menu)

The default key to open your inventory is F4. This is called "Spare 2" in the GMod options menu.
When you open the F4 menu, you'll be presented with something like this:

As you can see there are two sections, "Inventory Items" and "Redeemed Items".
You can drag and drop items inside of the "Inventory Items" section.
When you right click on an item in the "Inventory Items" section, you'll see this:

When you click "Redeem Item", it will put it into your "Redeemed Items" section.
Redeeming items basically changes them from a tradable, sellable item - into something useful.
You can right click on items in the "Redeemed Items" section to unredeem them:

Once you've redeemed an item, go to the loadout tab (on the left) - which will look something like this:

This menu allows you to equip your redeemed weapons, weapon skins, jihad sounds, taunts, and more.
Click on an slot/icon to the left for options.

Crafting and Crates

Crafting is located in the same menu as the inventory - by default the key is F4.
Click Crafting on the left - which will look something like this:

This menu is pretty self explanatory. Drag and drop items into the "Drag items" section,
and the results will be displayed below. Not too hard right?

Now you're probably asking "What can I craft?". Here comes the second part of this section...


You will randomly receive crates for playing on our server, they "drop" every little bit of time.
When they do drop, you will see who received crates in the chat:

If you receive one, you will also see a little item indicator on your screen.
These crates go into your inventory (talked about earlier).
Each crate contains various types of items, but you need something called a "Metal Key" to open them:

You can purchase these Metal Keys from the player market, buy them with wallet cash from the Devolved Store, or even trade for them.
However, you can actually get them yourself by crafting them:

Basically, you need to obtain 4 refined metal to make one key.
To make one refined metal, you either craft two common crates:

Or two of the same item:

Crafting 2 refined metal will give you a Refined Metal Stack.
2 Refined stacks, and you've got yourself a key.

Scratch Cards (F1 Menu)

Now for another menu - by default the key is F1. This is called "Show Help" in the GMod options menu.
When you open the F1 menu, you'll be presented with something like this:

You can see this menu has various stuff: Your level, permanent weapons you can spawn with,
cades, cade materials, tiers, trophies, and more. But let's ignore that stuff for now.
Click the "Lottery" tab at the top.

At the top, there is a "Buy a Scratch Card" button for 100 DevBucks.
Scratch Cards allow you to get various new items added straight to your inventory,
more DevBucks, or nothing. It's a gamble - but sometimes there are limited items and
only a few of those items can be found (also known as "rare items").

You can also bet on the innocent or traitors winning on this menu.
There is also an option for a map-wide pot, which players on the server can put DevBucks in;
at the end of the map one player will be chosen to receive that "pot" of DevBucks.

Trading and Scoreboard

I hope you know how to open your scoreboard.
If you don't, I'm not sure you should be reading this tutorial.
The default key is tab.

There are badges that show playtime, player levels, ranks, and other information.
If you right click on a player, you get presented with various options:

You can view other player's stats, lookup their bans, and view their Player Page.
Their Player Page displays further stats, their inventory, and more. This is useful for trading.

You can click "Send Trade" to send a trade to that player. If they accept, you will see a screen like this:

This should be a pretty self explanatory. Click an item in your inventory to add it in the trade,
click an item in the trade to remove it. Use the chat in the bottom left if you need to.


When you are alive on our server, you can spawn props.
These props have health and some of these "cades" have special actions or effects.
Open the F1 menu, and in the "Store" tab choose "Cading"

Hover over the props to see their price, and click one to spawn it

Right click it with the magneto to pick it up, there are further instructions
on your screen teaching you how to use the magneto stick.
If you purchase a hammer and nails from the "Round" section of the store...

You'll be able to nail the props in (which basically freezes them)


The last thing we are covering is the Market - which you can find inside the F4 menu:

There are three tabs at the top of the market. The first is "View Market"
This displays the player-based market. If you click on an item in the market, you will see details at the top:

Clicking "Buy Now" allows you to purchase the item if you can afford it:

Clicking "View Sales Graphs" lets you view a graph of previous purchases (and their prices)

To sell an item: Go to your inventory, right click and item, and choose "Sell on Market"

Go back to the Market and click the "My Sales" tab

You can unlist your items by clicking on them, then choosing "Unlist" in the top right.
Once someone purchases your items, you have to come back to this page in order to redeem your DevBucks/Keys/Wallet Cash.

The "Web Market" tab allows you to deposit and withdraw Web DevBucks, Web Keys, and Web Inventory items.

These allow you to use the market, auctions, and other stuff - without being in game!
You can find all this at