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Devolved Updates Feed


Follow updates and know what's coming before anyone else!

@DevolvedUpdates automatically tweets when git repository changes are made
When updates are finished and deployed to the server(s) or website, a tweet and shoutbox message will be sent out.
Some definitions regarding the tweets are at the bottom of the page.
ttt Trouble in Terrorist Town (economy, items, weps, etc)
drp Devolved Roleplay
da2 DevolvedAdmin 2
ds DevolvedSync (web/game/rank sync stuff)
dmv Devolved Map Vote
web Devolved Gaming's website

master The master branch - Updates from Everyone
(possibly means an update is coming soon)

devjack Jackool's testing branches
(Jackool working on stuff in singleplayer)

when a deployment occurs, that means the servers or website
are being automatically updated with the latest master branch.
this is how you know exactly when an update was released.